Rent Estimator

How much would I pay in rent (estimated)?

All rent is based on income; however, we do cap the rent at the below rates.

(Effective October 1, 2020)

One Bedroom: $324

Two Bedroom: $429

Three Bedroom:  $568

Four Bedroom:  $736


Flat Rents are 80% FMR, set by Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Flat Rents

Do you cap the rent?

What is the Rate?


Yes, we do!

Check here to see.

(Effective April 1, 2021)

Annual gross income can not exceed the following limits in order to qualify for the Vidalia Housing Authority.

Family of 1:  $30,750

Family of 2:  $35,150

Family of 3:  $39,550

Family of 4:  $43,900

Family of 5:  $47,450

Family of 6:  $50,950

Family of 7:  $54,450

Family of 8:  $57,950

Income Limits are set by Department of Housing and Urban Development, and are subject to change.

Income Limits

Do I make too much?

What are the income limits?

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The Authority charges a


Security Deposit, due at move in.  The deposit will be refunded at time of move out, depending on move out circumstances.

The Authority charges a


Non-refundable Pet Depost.  All pets must be 25 lbs or less, due at move in.

Items included are water, trash, 24 hour maintenance service, and a utility allowance to help with energy costs.


What's included?

How much is the Security Deposit?

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There are currently



The Authority has a waiting list for all units,

The Authority has preferred options that can help bump certain applications up the waiting list. 

The Authority's preferred options are:

Elderly Families

Disabled Families

Working Familes

Veteran Families


Waiting List

Are there any openings?  Is there a waiting list, and if so, how long is the waiting list?

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