Our Foundation

The Housing Act of 1937 helped form public housing into the industry it is today. Originally designed to serve the surge in families after World War I, particularly the military, the Housing Act of 1937 first gave power to the government to provide public housing, expanding on the PWA and New Deal. This Act is the foundation upon which we as a Local Housing Authority were founded. 

In 1951 the Housing Authority of the City of Vidalia's first Board of Commissioners took their primary oath of office and held their first meeting. After officers were appointed and duties of each were explained, the Authority then began their application to the Public Housing Administration (Now Department of Housing and Urban Development) for the development of two developments. Those developments were completed in July of 1958 and since have helped thousands of needy families. The Authority has now found itself managing 110 public housing units throughout the Vidalia Community. We help serve over 300 low income family members and elderly citizens.

Public Housing Only

No Section 8 Vouchers